System context architecture


Solution architecture


Service adaptor architecture


  • triggered every 10 sec(+runtime)
  • calls database functions
  • functions calculate all statistics from database engine tables
  • new statistics are returned to the adapter
  • inserts a pack of upcoming stats items into the DB flat tables

Service endpoint checker


  • triggered every 10 sec(+runtime)
  • gets endpoints data from core database tables
  • makes requests to the cosmos network for the received endpoints
  • checks if endpoints are working correctly
  • updates endpoint information in database core tables

Service height checker


  • triggered every 4 hours
  • receives information from the database about the processing of new blocks of blockchains (zones)
  • checks the work information for each zone
  • if in the last 1 hour there is no analytics for some zone, then it sends a notification to the telegrams development group